Beachfront Home in Chelem / Chuburna Yucatan Mexico For Sale $189,900 USD **UNDER CONTRACT**

Special Features:

* New Locking Hurricane Shutters / Security Shutters added October 2011.

* Pressurized Water System

*Hot Water

*Large filtered pool. The pool is entirely tiled (rather than painted cement). Having a tiled pool reduces maintenance costs, and is more enjoyable year round.

*Pool Bodega with storage and washer / dryer hookups

*New tile floors throughout

*Large (13'x21.83') Gourmet Kitchen (with standard U.S. height counter tops)

* Air Conditioning throughout

*Sea Wall in front of property

*Decorative niches

*Ample lighting and ceiling fans throughout

*Tons of tropical plants in the back yard garden

*Spacious lot allows you to expand if you like. Plenty of room for a casita.

* House is ready to add a second story if you want as well.





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Thank you for visiting our home. Whether you are looking for a vacation home, investment property, or a retirement home, Yucatan Mexico is a great place to be!

Our beachfront house is for sale and is located between the small fishing villages of Chelem and Chuburna on the Yucatan Coast in Mexico. This property is first row, right on the water. The tranquil surroundings are perfect for soaking up the sun, embracing your creative muses, or just relaxing with family and friends.

We purchased our home in 2007 and began renovations / new construction thereafter. All construction was completed in 2009. This has been our full time home since June of 2008.

Because this was our full time home, there are many touches that make this property stand out from the other properties in our area and that we hope you will enjoy.

We designed this house with an eye towards open architecture. The interior spaces reflect this design including a large great room (18.58'x34.42'), open floor plan, and lots of glass!


Unlike many other properties we are also including our domestic 6 burner gas stove and side by side refrigerator. Both are brushed aluminum. We also have installed a special marine pump to make the ice maker and indoor water features of the refrigerator work with bottled water here in Mexico.


Our beachfront house is offered for sale by owner. Why? Real estate in Yucatan Mexico is an interesting creature. The short answer is that by eliminating the "real estate agents" you as the buyer and us as the seller are going to save a significant amount of money (5-7% MINIMUM - in this case $12,900.00). Ask you self, what kind of product would you expect for $12,900? (Of course this amount is included in the sale price you will see listed on "real estate companies's" web sites, so you as the buyer are paying it.)

In Mexico, Mexican attorneys handle all aspect of the real estate transaction, and are required to. Once you locate a property that you are interested in, you will be handed off to the Mexican attorney, and he/she will handle the rest of the transaction. In fact, whether you use a "real estate agent" or not, it is likely that you will be working one of a few Mexican attorneys that cater to english speaking clients. (The Mexican attorneys that we have worked with have been wonderful!)

"Real Estate Agents" are not licensed or regulated in Mexico, and in fact all you have to do is claim to be a "real estate agent' and you are.

Another interesting aspect of real estate in Yucatan Mexico and throughout Mexico generally is there is NO MLS system. In the United States, one of the features of being a licensed real estate agent is that the agent has access to list properties on and search available properties on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). What this means for you as a buyer is that when you contact a licensed real estate agent in the US you know you will get to see ALL AVAILABLE properties that meet you criteria. Unfortunately that isn't the case in Yucatan Mexico.

Because there is no central database that contains available properties, "Real Estate Agents" generally will only show you properties that they "have the listing for". Some "real estate agents" have taken this attitude to the extreme and won't show you properties even if they are aware of them (whether listed by another real estate company or FSBO) unless you are willing to pay them 5-7% of the sale price.

As a potential home buyer in the Yucatan, you should gather as much research as you can from as many web sites and other resources as possible before deciding on the right house for you. Another great way to find out about available properties is to actually drive around in the area you are interested in. Many home owners have signs indicating that their property is for sale and provide a telephone number or e-mail address that you can contact.


Location of your new Beachfront Home: Coordinates are Latitude 21.262789 Longitude -89.777599 --- You can even see your pool from space!

Your New Beachfront Home




Quick Facts - Home

Lot Dimensions: 14 meters wide (beach front) x 44.80 meters long

Square Footage: 1576 (excluding patio area and Pool Bodega)

Great Room: 18.58'x34.42'

Kitchen: 13'x21.83'

Bedroom 1: 22.58'x10.92'

En suite Bathroom 1: 4.5'x10.92'

Bedroom 2: 21.25'x14.42'

En suite Bathroom2: 10'x5.08'

Furnishings Available


Quick Facts - Area

Chelem and Chuburna are quite little fishing villages located about 35 minutes from the capitol city of Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula. The port town of Progreso is only 5 minutes away.

Merida is a blend of historic and modern featuring all conveniences we are accustom to in the U.S. (Costco, movies, malls, Home Depot etc). See our About the Area section for more information.


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